J Chain Chasers / J Wire Chasers

“Our J Chain Chasers offer a simple solution for the retrieval of anchors which have become detached on the seabed”

Chain Chasers are a product specifically developed to resolve the problem of recovering anchors from the seabed, when the pendant line in the mooring and pendant arrangement for the anchor has failed.

Chain chasers are used extensively in the offshore and marine industry on tug and support vessels.

The chain chaser is dropped on a work wire from the winch of the vessel and once reaching the seabed, is manipulated to snag the anchor chain. Once in place, the chaser is then towed (or ‘chased’) across the mooring catenary to the anchor shank and flukes itself, which enables the tug or support vessel to winch the anchor from the seabed.

It is important that the chain chaser is not made of material which is as hard, or even harder, than the wire or chain itself, since wear could potential damage it. Therefore the chaser designed to take the brunt of any wear by being produced from a material which is not as strong or durable.
Choosing the right combination
It is important that the chaser and chain combination deployed are correct, otherwise it is possible for the chaser to jam onto the shank of the anchor which ultimately will cause damage.

Our chain chasers can handle anchors up to 30 tonnes and stud link chains up to 4 ½ inches thick.


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