Pool Anchors (HHP)

“Fabricated from high tensile steel plate, our Pool Anchor range is designed to quick dig into the surface and hold. Like the AC14 and Delta range, it is also a High Holding Power anchor”

Our Pool Anchor range is designed specifically to dig into the ground and take hold. It is a stockless type high holding power (HHP) anchor, with large flat flukes fabricated from superior quality high tensile steel.


The flukes have sharp edges to ensure that the anchor digs into the ground. To prevent the anchor from bedding into soil /seabed too deeply, our Pool anchors can be equipped with crown plates which resolves this problem. The design also allows for the anchor to be extracted from the water quickly.

Also known as a ‘balance type anchor’ the pool anchor can be stored in a narrow anchor pocket and can be completely hidden completely protecting it from wave surge.

Supplied with a weight range from 750 Kg to 17250 Kg, our Pool Anchors provide a highly stable mooring option for your vessels.

Please note that our anchors can be certified by all the major classification societies.

Key Features:

  • Weight range from 750 Kg to 17250 Kg
  • Stockless design with large flat flukes
  • Fabricated from superior high tensile steel
  • Can be equipped with crown plates to prevent anchor digging in
  • Highly stable mooring option

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