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“We are one of the world’s leading marine equipment suppliers with a diverse range of products covering a wide scope of marine led applications. If its marine equipment you are looking for, LMS will have a solution for you”

Lifting & Marine Services Limited is a lead global supplier of marine and lifting equipment for the marine industry at large. We offer small fittings from hooks and shackles to major custom build projects such as deck cranes and complex winching systems

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Marine Anchors

Our high quality marine anchor range includes AC14, Delta, Embedment, Pool & Grapnel Anchors

Marine Bollards

LMS offers a wide range of quality bollards including NS 2584, Cruciform & Double Bollards which can be supplied primed painted or galvanised

Marine Fairleads

We offer marine fairleads & rollers which are ready for immediate installation. Our high quality range includes Multi-Angle, Swivel Head & Pedestal / Warping Rollers

Emergency Towing Systems

Designed to pick up a towing line from a stricken vessel, our Emergency Towing Systems are supplied in kit form, ready for you to use

Panama Chocks

Our Panama Chocks (Panama Bows) are supplied for both deck and bulwark fitting. We also supply Recessed Shell Bitts as part of the range


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