Bulwark Mountable Chocks

“As the name suggests, our Bulwark Mountable chocks are designed to fit into the protective sidewall of the ship or vessel just above the weatherdeck”

Heavy shipping vessels tend to have high sided bulwarks just above the weatherdeck which act as a form of protection for the ship. For mooring purposes you will therefore need bulwark chocks.

Lifting & Marine Services Limited supply chocks which fit directly into the bulwark making it easy to pass mooring lines onto the deck.

Cast from high quality steel, the chocks can be supplied with primed paint or galavnised finished to protect it from harsh weather environments. The simple but highly effective design allows mooring ropes to pass through the chock to the bollard below whilst significantly reducing the abrasion on the rope itself, therefore prolongiong it’s life.

LMS provides a wide range of bulwark chocks in a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs, which are ready for immediate installation. Please refer to the technical datasheets below which you are free to donwload in PDF file format.

Standard Features:

  • Bulwark mounted
  • Efficient & reduces wear and tear
  • Range of sizes available
  • Paint primed or galvanised
  • Compliant with Vis, NS & DIN specifications

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